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Unhinged Caller Rips Michael Berry for not Backing Donald Trump

So it looks like talk radio host Michael Berry is a fan of Ted Cruz.  And apparently he’s learning that if you are a Cruz fan, and you have a public forum to express yourself, Trump fans have a way of becoming very irate.

I can relate.

On the night of the Iowa caucuses, I had a rather interesting Twitter exchange.

CHAD: Congratulations to Senator Cruz.

MR. BUTT HURT:  F**K off.

CHAD: I’d be glad to! Blocked asshole!

The clip of the irate caller and Berry’s response is below.

The caller flips out and goes on an angry extended rant because Berry has failed to fall in line behind the orange-haired, womanizing gambling tycoon running for president.

The caller gives no real reason why anyone should support the tycoon, of course.

In his Nevada victory speech, the gambling tycoon did said “I love uneducated people.”

Apparently uneducated people love him back. According to that audio, some of them think that  radio hosts should be fired for daring to support someone other than Trump. They also think that said radio host deserves to get his ass kicked if he dares disagree with someone’s wife/ Trump supporter- according to the above audio, that is.


Rubio’s Opposition Reaserach Team Likes to Watch Porn

So it looks like a porn actress has turned up in a Ted Cruz campaign ad, which they have now pulled:

In the ad, softcore porn veteran Amy Lindsay’s character tells a member of the group that he “should vote for more than just a pretty face.”

A spokesman for the campaign told Buzzfeed that Cruz’s campaign said Lindsay had responded to an open casting call and the production company did not properly vet her.

Since the ad targets Marco Rubio, it’s safe to assume that  Rubio’s opposition research team is responsible for exposing  this non-scandal.

Which raises the question: how exactly was team Rubio able to easily identify a porn actress? I guess her face must have been pretty familiar to them!

By contrast, she managed to squeak past team Cruz because apparently no one on the Cruz camp recognized her.

RINO Establishment Candidate Rubio says Cruz, not Trump is the Enemy

Via Mofo Politics comes this video of card-carrying RINO Marco Rubio discussing his strategy in Iowa. Is he targeting Trump? Kasich? Bush?

Of course not.

You’ve surely heard plenty talk about how the “establishment” is trying to figure out a way to deal with Donald Trump’s candidacy.

But it’s becoming increasingly clear that the candidate which they hate the most is Senator Ted Cruz.

In the video above, Rubio is repeating the familiar talking point about how Cruz “stole” the election in Iowa by telling people that Ben Carson had dropped out of the race.

Those of you who have took the time to examine the facts  know that this is pure hogwash.

Mark Levin has completely debunked this nonsense, and you can listen to the whole thing here.

On the evening of the Iowa Caucus, CNN reported that Dr. Ben Carson was going back home to Florida and was not going to New Hampshire.  Do these sound like the actions of someone who plans to stay in the race? Of course they don’t.

Based on the information reported by CNN, a Cruz campaign staffer sent out an email reading:

BREAKING NEWS: The press is reporting that Dr. Ben Carson is taking time off from the campaign trail after Iowa and making a big announcement next week. Please inform any Carson caucus goers of this news and urge them to caucus for Ted Cruz.

So the Cruz camp sent an email basically urging people to round up more support for their candidate.

Which is kinda what staffers  are supposed to do because, like, a staffer’s job is to help his candidate win. The way to win is to get more votes and the way to get more votes is to ask for them.


As the RINO establishment continues to bludgeon Cruz over this nonsense, the very real scandal of Donald Trump’s imminent domain abuse is being largely ignored:

For more than 30 years Vera Coking lived in a three-story house just off the Boardwalk in Atlantic City. Donald Trump built his 22-story Trump Plaza next door. In the mid-1990s Trump wanted to build a limousine parking lot for the hotel, so he bought several nearby properties. But three owners, including the by then elderly and widowed Ms Coking, refused to sell.

As his daughter Ivanka said in introducing him at his campaign announcement, Donald Trump doesn’t take no for an answer.

Trump turned to a government agency – the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) – to take Coking’s property….

Peter Banin and his brother owned another building on the block. A few months after they paid $500,000 to purchase the building for a pawn shop, CRDA offered them $174,000 and told them to leave the property. A Russian immigrant, Banin said: “I knew they could do this in Russia, but not here. I would understand if they needed it for an airport runway, but for a casino?”

This Washington Post article from August explains Trump’s trampling of property rights in more detail.

As for Carson, he emerged from New Hampshire with fewer votes than any Republican candidate.

Did Cruz pull some shady stunt in New Hampshire too?

Or does Carson simply suck as a candidate?

Dead Pelican declares Ted Cruz winner of New Hampshire Primary

My logic is rather simple.

I learned from Fox News that in any given caucus and/ or primary, the first place finisher is irrelevant and that third place is where it’s at.

Fox News declared victory for Marco Rubio because he finished third in Iowa.

According to Fox News, the second- best loser is the actual victor.

Who am I to question them?


According to Breitbart News, Cruz is now looking forward to Fox News giving him extened coverage for his 3rd place finish.

Hilarious New Anti- Trump Commercial by Ted Cruz Camp

So now the Republican primary moves into South Carolina and it’s about to get rough!  This ad is put out by a Ted Cruz super PAC and targets Donald Trump.

It highlights the fact that Trump has given money to people like Nancy Pelosi and Anthony Weiner.

It also touches on a well- known imminent domain case where Trump tried to use the power of government to force a woman to sell her property.  This was so Trump could build a parking lot.

Enthusiasm Builds for Cruz as Rubio Sticks to Talking Points… Talking Points… Talking Points….


Making that “Cruz missile”  in the picture above took some serious  effort on the part of Cruz supporters, and demonstrates great vigor and enthusiasm. I haven’t seen a giant phallus on the back of a loading truck with Marco Rubio’s name on it.

On the other hand, the Rubio camp is showing some serious mastery of talking points… talking points… talking points….

Moreover, Rubio can boast about his endorsement from my own former governor Bobby Jindal, which has seldom, if ever been helpful to any candidate anywhere at any time.

Trump is clearly in the lead in New Hampshire, but the contest for second and third place is gonna be a nail biter folks.  And as Fox News informed us after Iowa, third place is what really matters.

Jindal Endorses Rubio Just Hours Before his Dismal Debate Performance in New Hampshire

When Jindal backs a candidate, bad things happen.  Neil Riser had the support of Jindal during  his ill-fated congressional election.

Riser was beaten  by Vance McAllister, who later became known as the kissing congressman.

In 2012, Jindal supported Texas Governor Rick Perry for the GOP nomination.

Perry lost of course.

Saturday, Bobby Jindal announced that he was endorsing Senator Marco Rubio in his bid to win the GOP nomination.

Mere hours later, Marco Rubio experienced an epic debate meltdown that is quickly becoming the stuff of legends.

No less than FOUR TIMES, Rubio repeated the same canned, robotic talking points when questioned on the issue, confirming that he is a stuffed shirt with zero substance.
Video of the fiasco is below.

Rubio walked into this debate as the golden boy of the RINO establishment who seemed to be gaining momentum.  When he left the stage, he was a complete  laughing stock.

Rubio bungled things  so badly that not even  Fox News’ panel of political hacks was willing to claim victory for him.

That’s a VERY big deal, as Fox News declared Rubio the winner in Iowa and has been kissing his ass and propagandizing for him ever since.

This raisers some important questions.

Does Jindal’s endorsement have some dark, supernatural power that  dooms candidates to failure?

Or does Jindal just have lousy judgment when it comes to who he should endorse?


Times Pic Says Moon Griffon is one of Alario’s Critics, But Can’t Seem to Find any Others

The Times Picayune recently wrote a piece about John Alario.   One thing the article illustrates is just how little difference there seems to be between the state’s two political parties.

Bobby Jindal’s right-hand man (Timmy Teepell) is a Republican and in the article has  high praise for Alario:

Gov. Bobby Jindal‘s top political adviser, Timmy Teepell, described him as the top “franchise player” in the Louisiana Legislature, the type of person you build a whole political strategy around.

“He knows the process better than anyone else, and if he is on your team, it goes well,” Teepell said.

Alario’s apparent  love fest with team Jindal must mean that Edwards, a Democrat  will  be looking to oust him from the senate president position right?  Wrong:

Alario’s close affiliation with Edwin Edwards, a four-term Democratic governor who eventually served prison time for corruption, didn’t stop Jindal, a Republican governor who touted ethics reform as a top priority, from backing him for Senate president in 2012.

Likewise, Alario’s warm relationship with Jindal doesn’t appear to have given Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat who fought Jindal’s agenda at every turn, any concerns either. Alario may have helped Jindal pass the state budgets that Edwards says landed Louisiana in its worst financial mess ever. But apparently, Edwards is not holding Alario responsible for the state’s budget troubles.

As the article points out, it’s hard to find anyone in state politics  who will say anything bad about Alario.

So who, exactly, is willing to challenge your illustrious senate president?

Talk radio host Moon Griffon is mentioned in the article as “one of Alario’s most vocal critics.”  Note the article says the he is one of Alario’s critics, which would seem to imply that there are others.

But if there are any other Alario critics, the article doesn’t mention them.

Moon’s take down of Alario back in April is epic and can be sen in the video below.

Fox News Declares Victory for Rubio, Peddles Propaganda

What a joke.

What a shameless peddling of blatant propaganda by a “news” organization.  On the night of the Iowa Caucuses, the two candidates most hated by the Republican establishment came out on top. And Fox News pretty much declared victory for… Marco Rubio.

It was Monday night and, like many other political junkies,  I was watching the results of the Iowa Caucuses as they rolled in.  On the Republican side, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were in a very tight race until 99 percent of the vote was in and Ted Cruz was declared winner of the Republican Iowa Caucus.

I caught a glimpse of this on the screen at the gym while taking a break between sets of overhead presses.  I then finished my workout and came back home to watch the post election analysis.

On a night like this, I try to get a variety of perspectives. I first turned to CNN. That’s right CNN. Yeah I know they have an allegedly leftward tilt in their coverage. But compared to what I saw later that evening, it was much closer to “fair an balanced” than the blatant and unabashed propaganda I saw on Fox News, which I will get to in a moment.

But first, a word about CNN’s coverage.

On CNN I saw a wide variety of Analysts representing a variety of political view points.  Among them was Amanda Carpenter, who is a conservative who writes for the Conservative Review.

I haven’t been able to find footage of the actual analysis yet, but I did find this video, which is CNN’s Iowa Caucus coverage in three minutes.  CNN acknowledged Cruz’s victory and Wolf Blitzer acknowledged that Cruz had done “extremely well.”

CNN’s coverage conveyed the obvious:  the GOP establishment had been trounced.   The two candidates most despised by the GOP establishment were the top two vote getters.

After watching CNN for a while I turned to Fox News.

On Fox News, it was like Cruz’s victory had never happened. Instead, Megyn Kelley and Krauthammer were talking about- Marco Rubio.

“What the hell?!?” I thought to myself.

You’ve heard it said that second place is just the first loser.

But Fox News wasn’t even talking about the guy who came in second place. They weren’t talking about the guy who came in first place. They were talking about who came in THIRD PLACE.

Meghan Kelley gushed that Rubio “did better than Trump with voters for whom the economy was the number one issue.”

Krauthammer praised Rubio for being “remarkabley articulate” candidate who “has a great story to tell.”

Kelly reminded the audience that Rubio did it all without a prompter.  The duo went on to make comparisons between Cruz and Rubio, with Kelley raising the question of whether or not Cruz was “too conservative.”   Krauthammer noted that Cruz had “a harder edge” and that in a general election he would have a harder time.

The whole exchange can be seen here.

If that isn’t enough to convince you that Fox News is in the tank for Rubio, here’s an opinion piece by  found on the Fox News website.

The headline reads, “After Iowa, keep your eye on Marco Rubio, not Trump or Cruz.”

Forget the guys who came out on top, kids!  The third place finisher is the real winner! 

The article reads like propaganda, probably because it is:

Rubio has a compelling vision for the future of this nation. He is strong on national security and the most adept speaker.

He’s a fierce debater and has been the most pointed in his criticisms of Hillary Clinton.

It obviously paid off.

Pat Buchanan has described Rubio as “the establishment’s last hope”  and he is right.   It’s pretty obvious by now that Fox News has become an organ of that establishment, as evidenced by not only the coverage of the Iowa caucuses, but the previous debates as well.

During the first Fox News debate, anti-establishment candidate Donald Trump was  a Target.  When Trump wasn’t there to beat up on, Megyn Kelly and the FNC goons turned their guns on Ted Cruz, who is also despised by the RINO wing of the Republican party.

in its coverage of the battle for the GOP nomination, this network seems to be reaching for a whole new level of spin.  It’s not fair and balanced. It’s not conservative. It is simply doing the bidding of the GOP power brokers.