Jindal Endorses Rubio Just Hours Before his Dismal Debate Performance in New Hampshire

When Jindal backs a candidate, bad things happen.  Neil Riser had the support of Jindal during  his ill-fated congressional election.

Riser was beaten  by Vance McAllister, who later became known as the kissing congressman.

In 2012, Jindal supported Texas Governor Rick Perry for the GOP nomination.

Perry lost of course.

Saturday, Bobby Jindal announced that he was endorsing Senator Marco Rubio in his bid to win the GOP nomination.

Mere hours later, Marco Rubio experienced an epic debate meltdown that is quickly becoming the stuff of legends.

No less than FOUR TIMES, Rubio repeated the same canned, robotic talking points when questioned on the issue, confirming that he is a stuffed shirt with zero substance.
Video of the fiasco is below.

Rubio walked into this debate as the golden boy of the RINO establishment who seemed to be gaining momentum.  When he left the stage, he was a complete  laughing stock.

Rubio bungled things  so badly that not even  Fox News’ panel of political hacks was willing to claim victory for him.

That’s a VERY big deal, as Fox News declared Rubio the winner in Iowa and has been kissing his ass and propagandizing for him ever since.

This raisers some important questions.

Does Jindal’s endorsement have some dark, supernatural power that  dooms candidates to failure?

Or does Jindal just have lousy judgment when it comes to who he should endorse?


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