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Poll: Kennedy Leads U.S. Senate Race

Kennedy leads U.S. Senate race
Results from a statewide poll of 500 likely Louisiana voters commissioned by Lane Grigsby conducted by Southern Media & Opinion Research, May 19-23, 2016.

State Treasurer John Kennedy leads an eight candidate field. Kennedy draws 32% of first choice votes followed by Congressman Charles Boustany with 10%. The other candidates are in single digits with Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell at 9% and Congressman John Fleming at 5%.
Vote for U.S. Senate (may not total 100% due to rounding)
John Kennedy…….. 32% Rob Maness ………..4%
Charles Boustany .. 10% Caroline Fayard …..4%
Foster Campbell …… 9% Troy Hebert ………..2%
John Fleming ……….. 5% Eric Skrmetta ……..1%
Undecided ………..32%
Taking a look at the likely voters who are undecided, a total of 32% of the sample, the poll shows that there are certain demographic groupings which are heavily undecided. This helps explain why the two Democratic contenders, Campbell and Fayard, are in single digits.
Democrats — 42% undecided Republicans — 21% undecided
Blacks — 52% undecided Whites — 25% undecided
Cong. Dist. 2 — 42% undecided Cong. Dist. 6 — 26% undecided
John Kennedy has far more name recognition than the other candidates included in the poll. While only 13% of the voters did not express an impression of Kennedy, the percent of voters not expressing an impression of the other candidates ranged from a low of 43% for Foster Campbell to a high of 67% for Eric Skrmetta.
Voter impression of the candidates (may not total 100% due to rounding)

Charles Boustany—32% favorable /19% unfavorable/49% not familiar
Foster Campbell—32% favorable /26% unfavorable/43% not familiar
Caroline Fayard—21% favorable /21% unfavorable/58% not familiar
John Fleming—29% favorable /18% unfavorable/53% not familiar
Troy Hebert—22% favorable /24% unfavorable/53% not familiar
John Kennedy—62% favorable /25% unfavorable/13% not familiar
Rob Maness—31% favorable /19% unfavorable/50% not familiar
Eric Skrmetta—14% favorable /19% unfavorable/67% not familiar