Senate Candidate Mickey Murphy “Shocked” When PSC Endorses People Other Than Himself and John Bel Edwards


Public service commissioner Eric Skirmetta has endorsed Beth Mizell in he 12th district senate race,  He has also endorsed Senator David Vitter for governor. This comes as no surprise to those of us who understand such concepts a ‘loyalty’ and ‘principles.’

I know these are increasingly rare concepts in politics these days.  Republican Jay Dardenne turned on Senator Vitter by endorsing his Democratic opponent John Bel Edwards  Rumor has it that Republican Scott Angelle is working secretly behind the scenes in fundraising efforts to get Edwards elected.


Mr. Skirmetta is standing with his party, and Mizell’s Democratic challenger is dumbfounded.  A screen capture from a recent tweet of his is below.


Yes, Mr. Murphy  Someone actually endorsed people other than yourself and John Bel Edwards.  This is how things work in the real world. I know this is hard for you to understand, as you have spent much of your career   presiding over your own personal, political fiefdom (back in your day it was called a trade school).

Much of your career was spent in an environment where you had near- dictatorial powers where you reigned supreme and no one dared challenge you.

This is the world of politics, where being challenged is what it’s all about .

If you can’t handle that- and clearly you can’t- then you don’t deserve to be in the Louisiana legislature.

Actually there’s a litany of reasons why you don’t belong in the legislature, but I write articles, not books, so we’ll have to stop there for now!


-Chad E. Rogers


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