Sheriff Who Endorsed Mary Landrieu Blames Vitter for Man Taping Him

So apparently a guy has been arrested for filming Sheriff Newell Normand.  Sheriff Normand is one the good Republicans who endorsed Mary Landrieu in 2008, thus helping her win a third term. It was  during  this third term that she single-handedly secured the passage of  the controversial Obamacare package.

The article describes Normand as a “long-time enemy of David Vitter,” and Normand apparently blames Vitter  for the taping, or a least suspects him of being behind it.

This is political season, and Newell Normand is a politician.  Especially during this time of year,  politicians are often followed by operatives with cameras. This is not new.

This is the first time in recent memory however, that I have heard of a political operative facing felony charges for doing what operatives do.


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