Madisonville, LA – Today, GatorPAC released an open letter from Col. Rob Maness to Congressman Boustany and State Treasurer Kennedy expressing his disappointment with their unwillingness to publicly commit to oppose any funding measure that includes funding for Planned Parenthood.

Full text of the Open Letter is below:

Dear Congressman Boustany and Treasurer Kennedy,

I was disappointed last week to learn that neither of you would commit to voting against any funding measure that includes funds for Planned Parenthood. Louisiana conservatives should be unified around this position.

Congressman Boustany, you state that you have sponsored legislation to defund Planned Parenthood. That is indeed admirable. But it is also besides the point. Your colleague, Congressman John Fleming, has signed this letter promising that he “will oppose any government funding legislation that would authorize or provide federal funds for Planned Parenthood.” Why won’t you?

Congressman Boustany, as you know, Congress is about to vote on a “Continuing resolution” or “CR” that will contain funds for planned parenthood. If you vote for that CR, you are voting to fund Planned Parenthood, plain and simple. Why not promise to oppose the CR if it contains funding for Planned Parenthood?

You say you oppose funding for Planned Parenthood, so isn’t that an easy vote to make. Again, Congressman John Fleming has taken that bold position. Why haven’t you joined him?

Sponsoring legislation for show, but capitulating when the rubber meets the road is what a politician would do, not a Louisiana conservative. You can do better.

Treasurer Kennedy, you did not say anything on defunding Planned Parenthood. You should. Louisiana is dying for conservative leadership. Dodging this issue is something a typical politician would do. I hope you’re better than that.

I urge you both to join with me, Congressman John Fleming, and conservatives throughout Louisiana and across the country in opposition to sending one more tax dollar to an organization that sells baby parts on the open market.

Let’s put politics aside and do what’s right for Louisiana and the unborn babies who are slaughtered every day by the murderers at Planned Parenthood.


Col. Rob Maness (ret)

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